Professional Head Shots

Job Seekers:   If you are on the hunt for a new opportunity, give perspective employers the chance to see the friendly face behind the resume. If your Linked In profile picture is a selfie, or the you from ten years ago, or your head cropped out of a larger group picture... Let's talk! Don't let an outdated or unprofessional photograph be your first impression.

Company Owners:   Professional head shots are an important element to the "about us" page on your website. Potential clients like to see who they might be working with and these pages typically see a lot of visits and traffic on your site. Additionally, if your website gives a quick bio of your whole team, there should be a consistency in the quality of the images in order to maintain the same level of professionalism across the board.


Professionals:   Consider updating your head shot every 3 years at least. Resist the urge to use an older image of yourself and make sure your head shot looks like you right now. A current picture is going to be an important part of your personal brand. When you finally meet with that perspective client, don't let them feel thrown off by seeing a different version of you in person. A current, professional photo will help you make an honest and positive first impression when it matters most. 

A typical head shot session starts at $225 and includes a 15 minute session for one person. If you'd like to photograph several members of your professional team, plan to add 15 minutes to the time and $50 per person to the base price. Final galleries include 3 images per person as chosen by the photographer and are emailed in a private online gallery. Final images may be used for both print and web. 

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