Front Steps Project

Thank you, Beverly friends, for supporting Bootstraps!

⚠️ #safetyfirst : If you are a photographer looking to get involved in your area, here are just a few safety considerations:
1️⃣ Set a good example and follow government orders. These photos were taken before Massachusetts was under a stay-at-home advisory. 
2️⃣ Ask participants to contribute electronically and directly to your local charity. This gets funds into the hands of folks who truly need it faster. It also means no handling of checks or unnecessary trips to the bank for you or for the charity.
3️⃣ Ask participants for a cell number to text when you arrive so you are not touching / ringing any doorbells. 
4️⃣ Keep your distance. Use a lens that requires you to stand pretty far back (10’+). These were all taken with a 70-200mm lens and in all cases I was standing 15’ to 20’ away.
5️⃣ These efforts equated to zero trips to the gas station for me because I have an electric vehicle and can get around town on a single charge. To reduce fuel consumption and to avoid more trips to fill up: Stay close to home, plan an efficient route around town, and schedule only back-to-back session times.